Sunday, February 23, 2014

Family Session with Shauna Veasey Photography

A picture captures a moment in time and can speak numerous words on a life shared together. My favorite photos are those that are candid; not posed.  Being natural, comfortable, and spontaneous make for the most eye catching art, because they are REAL.
The wonderful and very talented Shauna Veasey with Shauna Veasey Photography scheduled a family session for us last time we were in Georgia.  There's so many great things I can say about this lady; one taking our memories all the way back to elementary, middle, and high school.  She is an absolute beauty inside and out! I'm as thankful as the day is long to have such an inspirational friend in my life.

You must check out her work and her undeniably gorgeous family.

Enough chit-chat! Lets allow the photography to speak for itself ;)

Do you have a favorite?


  1. These are beautiful!! I love them all. You have such a beautiful family!!!

  2. There can be no favorite when they're all stunning! Great looking family and talented photographer in an awesome location! Those kids are stinking adorable!!!