Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pride Video: Carolina's Healthcare and Beauty Asylum Hair + Makeup

The year has started and this girl has been a busy bee since the beginning of 2013.

I have so many great things to share with you all associated with my makeup work.  Most importantly Beauty Asylum is getting a vamped look with a new logo, brochures, and business cards. Over the last year I have been working with Carolinas Healthcare System on many projects ranging from website work, portraits, and videos. In the weeks to come I will share with you all the fabulous activities I have been participating in.

Here's a tidbit to get you going!

Work with Carolinas Healthcare System:

The camera loves to pick up shine and drown out color with a wash of barely there makeup.  I recommend using a high def  loose powder to press into the skin with your brush.  A powder puff; like this or this is great too.  Whichever strikes your fancy.  Just remember to buy them on amazon.  Caution: be careful using the high def on chocolate skin tones where as it can give off a hint of purple. In this case use Bobbi Brown Illuminating Powder.  Even though it it has the term illuminating in the name.. it is as flat as my singing voice :))

Have you seen yourself on camera before? What was your first thought?

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