Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Summary

Weekend Summary:

Fort Mill Water Park
Baby Scooting
Bubbles/Soccer with J
Dilworth Neighborhood Grille
Savor Cafe
Plant 21 Salon

Daily Smoothie:

2 handed ice 
4 large spoons-Trader Joes french vanilla organic yogurt
1 Banana
8 Strawberries
Handful of walnuts
Bee Pollen


  1. yay! so happy you've found a new fave salon. its always the worst when there isn't one to call "home" ;) thanks for checking out my blog! i'd love to feature you sometime!

    hannah /

  2. that smoothie sounds so healthy & delicious

  3. That smoothie sounds yummy! Following from =)

  4. Following you back via GFC! Thanks for the follow :) I'm happy you finally found a salon! I hate looking for new ones :/

    Nicole @ Me + the Moon :)