Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Belated Birthday Tales

This past April my darling little girl turned five.  The previous birthdays we've had for JaLynn have been low-key where as this year J requested a birthday party with her friends and "lots of gifts".  Feeling a little guilty and some what eager, the husband and I knew we had to do it big this year and throw a bash. A Monster Bash!
We made sure to invite school friends, soccer friends, our friends their friends and family.  Being wonder woman and the creative perfectionist I am- I tackled a large load.  Thank you Pinterest for stimulating my creative mind. 

 Washable paint brushed on the side walk
Cardboard signs cut into arrows & painted w/ acrylic
Target helium tank $20
Dum Dum Flower Pot
Monster Cupcakes

Easel Paper taped on the back fence with washable paint (big hit)
Monster masks
Stop and go music (prizes)

Frosting tip #3 Hair Piping
Neon food coloring

A special thank you to our friends that joined us and offered a helping hand. 
We could not have done it without you :) 


  1. Adorable and so thorough! I hope she enjoyed it. Wonderful attention to detail. I feel inspired!

  2. Thank you!! She loved every minute of it. Kids just want to be around other kids. I'm glad we waited until this age to do something big. Anything before then would have been for us and extra $$.

  3. That is just adorable!!!! And how original! My second oldest turned 5 this April, too, and it was the first time we had a "friends" birthday party. Love it! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  4. Your daughter is absolutely precious! I love your blog. It's different from what I usually follow but such a nice breath of freshness! Brilliant. New follower :)


  5. I love your daughter's hair!
    I want curly hair! :(



  6. wow! what a fun party! It did turned out great. I had my daughter's birthday last Saturday and I did everything. Haha! It was a lot of work but fun though. I LOVE pinterest :)