Monday, June 4, 2012


On Memorial weekend the family and I packed up everything and headed to Georgia. We have not been back for a visit since baby Brantley was born in January- the trip was intended to enjoy family and friends. It also fulfilled the much needed break we seldom get from the kids. The weekend went quickly for us but it also came with a cherry on top.  After being together for 10 years Mr. Kendall and I made it official in October.   In celebration of this moment in our lives on Sunday we grabbed lunch with a good friend and had a dazzling photo shoot.  Mrs. Renee Hicks at Lemon Chic Photography got her gear together after having TWINS (!!!) and spent the morning with us shooting in downtown Decatur, GA. For more images you can check out Renee's blog LemonLove and check out behind the scenes fun with athomewiththehicks  :)


  1. beautiful Jess..congrats to both of you!

  2. These are incredible. I LOVE your dress and you are just beautiful!!

  3. Stunning pictures!