Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BEST Tips for Glowing Skin

The week before wedding day I always send my bride a list of things they can do to acheive the perfect wedding day glow. Sometimes in the midst of life's great endeavors we forget the most important thing. That is to take care of oneself.

Emily Lapish Photography

  1. drink only water the week before [ bye bye soda pop ]
  2. NO fried food  "eat pretty"
  3. exfoliate *gently*
  4. don't wait to moisturize 
  5. grapes(antioxidant + radiance) + sleep = one glass of red wine a night

Makeup can only do so much to create an illusion of healthy happy skin. Add these helpful tips to your routine and you're sure to have a perfect comibination.

What's a tip that you use?

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