Thursday, May 23, 2013

Creative Endeavors

 Think of my creative mind as a child with hyperactive attention defficit-  Not that I would consider it a disorder but to merely paint you a picture of the Creative Madness I have at times. On a normal day my husband can come home to 12+ unfinished tasks and 10+ intended tasks.  The order of completion entails starting the day with whichever strikes my fancy.

The phase of landscaping and house work have seen its fair share of attention this spring. The last couple months the el blogg-O has been left in a state of neglect.  Redirecting my attention to give you all an update is the idea this morning. Since I have been tackling so much (& not to overwhelm you with pictures) I will share with you the landscaping and house work I've been doing.

Once I finished with the Mahogany Flame stain I added flower baskets with some of my favorite flowers: alyssum, verbena, and snapdragons. They are all in rotation for the season so I will always have one in full bloom.  Amongst one of my daily trips to Lowes I was able to get double knockout roses from my favorite plant expert, half off! Fourteen rose bushes now frame the bottom of the deck. Not before I could install a french drain. Did I mention I have been putting in work?!

I will stop here. Tomorrow you can see Phase 2 and other tasks I have been taking on.

What do you think? Do you have a green thumb?

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