Monday, October 29, 2012

Zombified for Halloween: The Walking Dead

Halloween is such an exciting time for makeup artistry. It gives an artist the creative freedom to transform ideas into whatever we desire.

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The Products: The gory lifeless zombie: Oatmeal oats + gelatin are the way to go in order to create texture and depth for skin wounds. Go to your local Halloween or craft store and grab liquid latex (this stuff is gold) and oil based face/body makeup. If you are doing more than one person go with a large bottle of liquid latex rather than a smaller bottle.
The Process: Start with a thin layer of latex all over (this dries quickly so go in sections). The latex serves as a great glue for whatever you put on top and it doesn't rub off on clothes. Latex also gives you the appearance of dead skin. Once applied, powder all over to create the lifeless/pale look. After powder comes color. Keep in mind to shade in the areas of a skull and highlight the areas with something white or flesh tone. Colors you will need: black, brown, green, red, and flesh tone. The oil base makeup is great for mixing and layering (they don't blend once they are put over the latex; hence the layering if you mess up). 
Texturizing: If you're ambitious mix gelatin with 1/3 c water and stick it in the frig for a couple hours. Once it is solid stick it in the microwave in intervals of 5-10 sec to slowly melt to a gel consistency. Apply to create an open wound. The other option is oatmeal. Mix oats with the liquid latex and apply. This is a much easier process than the gelatin and you can create a similar look.  Once everything has dried go in with your colors of green, brown, black, and red to create such a look.

I'm not sure who loved getting zombified for Halloween more. My husband or my daughter? 

Happy Halloween Friends! What are your favorite looks for Halloween? Check out some of my favorite looks at Beauty Asylum.


  1. Wow that is super-scary - you are one talented lady!
    Hope you have a great halloween!!

    Vanessa x

  2. Oh my word this looks hectic! Great makeup! You have some serious talent!
    I love it!