Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainy Sundays

Some people dread a rainy day.  For me rainy days are your days to sit in solitude while enjoying the peaceful nature of the rain.  Normally, I would be working my days away on the weekend.  This weekend turned into a weekend that was much needed time away from the mundane task of dealing with needy women and throbbing feet.  Initially, I was disappointed to find the next 5 days I had off-  rain would be in our forecast.  Of all the time I've spent indoors while the sun would beam from above..  embracing the presence of the sunshine would not be an option.

Sunday would have to be one of my favorite days of the week.  Nothing to do but enjoy where you're at... in that present time.  An early night led me into a late morning this Sunday.  Normally the best thing to say following that statement would be: " I awoke refreshed and rejuvenated".  Not Exactly.  It's more like I awoke with a crick in my neck and a stiff back.  Once I brought myself into a lazy dog position I roll out of bed and slipped on my slippers. Tending to the cartoon manic child I had in the living room...

In an effort to distract JaLynn from the toons I offered for her assistance in the kitchen.  Daddy liked the spinach and egg whites I whipped up the day before so JaLynn and I sought after the pint of egg whites and bag of spinach.  Chopped onions and a little garlic JaLynn attentively helped me dispense of everything into the frying pan. Then we readily moved for the coffee  "Let me do it" JaLynn persisted.  Happily caving in.. JaLynn hopped down from her stool to tell daddy breakfast was ready.

 Spinach/ Egg White Recipe

The rain still going strong

We opted for a little card game called Go Fish.

JaLynn's first.

We were surprised to find how quickly JaLynn caught on to the game of Go Fish.  Mommy/JaLynn vs Daddy Round One.  Only thing that held us from victory was JaLynn shouting each card we picked up.  Once the games went on she got the hang of  'Let's not tell Daddy our card'.  She went as far as catching herself wanting to tell him again but played it off quite well with, "Nice. Mommy I said Nice not Nine".  We could not help but laugh hysterically at her effort to retract what she said.

 Also, I'm very excited to say I've been getting back into yoga.  It's something I have a passion to do. Saturday we went to a yoga family workshop.  Obviously it was more for the kids than the parents.  It's was educating to see JaLynn in a different situation and interacting with a teacher.  Needless to say the age range was 4-12 and we snuck her in a little early.  It makes me want to put more emphasis on activities for J-

Overall it was a great weekend.  Time was well spent.  I'm wishing the day would not come to an end.

Until next time,



  1. I think I'm going to whip up some egg whites and spinach for myself...yummy

  2. You have such a gorgeous family!! Jin told me about your blog so of course I just had to come check it out :)

  3. I think this may be my favorite post yet. Your writing came alive! You just inspired me to go blog... I've gotten soooo behind :(

    I love that JaLynn is learning how to play it off. So sweet. I wish I was experiencing more of life with you. At least we can stay connected this way! :) Love you!

  4. Roxy, Jin told me about your blog too! Of course I checked yours out. Loves it :) You have a great sense of style.. Im following :D

  5. Shauna, I miss you my love. Thanks for the great feedback! It's amazing.. yoga paired with some down time- thoughts really start to come together and pour out through writing:) I was thinking about you blogging or not blogging the other day (hehe) I need a life update!