Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mommy/JaLynn Conversation

JaLynn: Mommy are you three?
Me: No J- I'm not three.
JaLynn: How are you?
Me: How old am I?
One minute passes...
JaLynn: Speak. (Look from mommy) Speak please?
Me: 25
JaLynn: Ah hahahahahaha!!! How old is daddy?
Me: 25 
JaLynn: HAHA! He's different. He's a different kind of old.


  1. I saw your about me section photo on the other blog and that little girl in the middle is so so so so so so adorable!!! I want to squish her with a huge bear hug! She is the cutest eveeeer!!! I love her hair color, also.. very rare in biracial kids. I am biracial also. And of course I will follow you, no questions asked! Thank you for the beautiful comment! :D You are incredibly beautiful! I love your daughter's name by the way, mine has Lynn in it to. It's actually Joe-Lynn but that all drops because everyone just calls me joe for short. :D I don't know if I commented back on her already but if I did sorry, because I was floating between the two blogs of yours. :D This post is the cutest!

  2. Thank you doll for the sweet sweet comment. I love names following with Lynn. JaLynn gets shorten to J, so I understand Joe- and your name is adorable.