Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 Supplements That Will Change Your Skin

Coensyme Q10- it protects the skin from oxidative stress & helps give cells the energy they need to repair themselves.  Just remember to take them in the morning since it can be as stimulating as coffee.

Evening Primrose Oil-  this Omega-6 fatty acid "helps your skin make ceramides to hold onto water more effectively." It even treats eczema.

Vitamin C- without this antioxidant, your body cannot make more collagen.  And even thought it's available in creams & serums, it's so much better absorbed when taken daily.

Polypdium Leucotomos (found in heliocare pills) shown to protect the skin from UV damage.  Also, showing it decreases redness after sun exposure!

Fish or Flaxseed Oil-  Omega-3 fatty acids strengthen the skins barrier, which keeps moisture & irritants out.  They also help reduce inflammation & treat conditions like eczema.

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