Sunday, March 7, 2010

BBU Palettes- Its a love/hate relationship

I'm always looking for space savers for my Artist kit.  Toting numerous bottles, pans, and containers to and from makeup gigs can quickly become a burden.  Well, I formally introduce you to Bobbi Brown's BBU Artist Palettes.  I am lusting after them.  They are wonderful for anyone that does makeup or wants to do a little more. Simple, compact and everything at hand.  It consists of all 19 shades of foundation, 9 correctors and 12 concealers.  That is some love on a brush. The only down fall with these bad boys is the $250 dent it will make in your pocket book. Ouch. One of the best parts about this palette- you can refill them as you go.

As if Bobbi hasn't done enough already.   She has a palette for all of her lip colors, Even better!  Tailor-made for lipstick aficionados- and anyone who wants to bring out their inner artist!  42 shades plus a retractable lip brush for $200.


These glorious palettes are limited edition.  The lip palette is still available at
If your set on the foundation palette good luck searching!


  1. Boy I thought I had seen it all when it came to foundation, but this is amazing!! Great blog!