Sunday, March 7, 2010

Basics of Foundation

When choosing a foundation it really comes down to knowing what You want.  Then you can be on a hunt for the perfect foundation. For those of you that are saying, 'Well, I don't really know what I want' here's some questions to ask yourself.

Do I want a natural finish or more coverage?
Do I like a healthy glow or matte finish?
What's my skin like- dry, normal, oily?
Do I want spf in my foundation or can I get it in my moisturizer?

Access Your Skin 
This would be your next step.  So many of us do not pay close enough attention to our skin.  Truthfully we all need to be our own skincare experts.  No one knows our skin better than us. All we need is to learn the basics.  First and foremost, skin is constantly changing day by day.  Our environment and lifestyle play a big part in our overall skin appearance.  Where as winter and summer do too. Even as we get older our skin changes.  Indoor ac or heat, too much sun exposure can effect your skin too. Most importantly take care of your skin! We only have one. We cannot reverse what is done but we can prevent and protect. So, its normal to have more than one cream to attend to your skin's daily needs.

Here's some recommendations when choosing a foundation. Remember skin looks its best when it's hydrated.  If you're dry don't choose a matte foundation or skip out on using a moisturizer. I don't know what it is about the south but women just think they are oily all the time when their skin look like a dry cracked lake. If your face is tight after you wash it.. you are dry! If you can pinch your cheeks and it doesn't bounce back.. you are dry! If you're oily an oil-free or matte foundation would be your best choice. Oily, meaning sopping grease before you leave home in the morning. Normal skin begins to shine around mid-day Because that's normal.

When deciding a color:
When looking for the right foundation color keep in mind you want a foundation with a yellow/golden base. This will look more natural even if you have any pinkish undertones. If you own a pink foundation, please, throw it away. Mineral foundations too.

When matching a color, if it looks too chalky= it's too light. If it looks to yellow= it's too dark. You want something that will disappear into the skin hence a more natural finish for a heavier coverage.  Keep in mind you don't want to hide you want to enhance!

Also, for darker skin tones ask yourself if you would like to see more golden or cinnamon in your skin. A lot of the time you may find the skin can be two-toned. Darker on the outer part of the face and lighter through the center. If you are going with a heavier coverage you will have to decide which tone to go with.

Try Bobbi Brown's foundations; they have a wide array of color. I would suggest a more natural finish like her Skin Foundation. It evens skin-tone but doesn't completely take it away your true coloring. Truly a modern foundation that offers invisible, weightless coverage. It looks like skin, not makeup. Long-wearing, minimizes the appearance of pores, conceals imperfections, and offers broad spectrum UV protection. Ideal for all skin types.


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  4. I just started wearing foundation so I need all the help that I can get! Awesome post mama....keep'em coming :-)