Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wilmington, North Carolina

Last weekend we made our way to a wedding in Wilmington.  Living on the east coast I've yet to make my way to see this beach town.  The hubs and I were in attendance at the wedding and yours truly did the makeup for the bridal party including the bride and grooms mother. Everyone looked absolutely stunning and the wedding was a dream.  We captured a few pictures to sum up our weekend. Bridal pictures are soon to come!

The quiet streets of Wilmington on a Saturday morning.

The bride being prepped for hair and makeup!

The bridal party leaving their uptown loft. 

My reception attire

The view of Wilmington on our way out :)

If you've been to Wilmington- what's some of your favorite places?

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  1. I loved Wilmington! I went to a little music festival there and my favorite band played right on the pier off of downtown. It's a lovely town with lots of history and quite the booming artsy fartsy district. I know a guy personally who started doing production work there and now doing some cool stuff for legit movies in LA. So it may be the place to get a pretty sweet start on production work too?