Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy One Year Anniversary, Bungalow!

July marks the one year anniversary of our marriage with our historic bungalow nestled in the Historic District of Uptown Charlotte. Starting off as a lonely foreclosure.. our house has begun to transform into a home.   Below you can check out a before picture we anxiously took prior to moving accompanied with the most recent decor.  

  Restaurants, Uptown, and parks are all within an arms reach. In the fall/winter months we have a great view of the city from our backyard.  Also, the family friendly home of the Knights Baseball Stadium is relocating to our side of town in 2014 with a new and improved stadium

What's the most important quality you'd want in your home?


  1. How exciting! You've already done so much!


  2. You have done an amazing job! I love your home. As a mortgage loan officer, I love seeing these vacant houses become "homes."

  3. I love your home. the kitchen is my fav!