Friday, June 8, 2012


Many of us go throughout the day holding our breath and forgetting the most important thing that connects the mind and body.  "Nice long inhale and slowly exhale", I said in a series of repetition this morning. From the fast-paced life and racing thoughts, silencing the mind isn't an easy task. Challenge yourself. Breathe. 10 minutes. See if you can train your mind to just let go, and think of nothing but the breath of air that enters your body.

Happy Friday! Taste of Charlotte this weekend!
Bridal Makeup, Sat. Indigo Photography
Sunday Potluck with friends


  1. Thanks girl! Sometimes it's nice to step back and humble ourselves.

  2. Nice idea for a post! Since I've started doing meditation exercises I've noticed a HUGE difference in my mood and energy levels.. it's the best!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I love yours too :) I agree, we should definitely follow each other!


  3. Christy is freaking gorgeous! I need to start going to yoga more because my mind is NEVER silent. Thanks for sharing doll!