Friday, May 18, 2012

Food Solutions- Rosacea

From blood oranges to rice bran oil, everyone loves Dr. Oz.

"what helps with red, sensitive skin? Even flushes easily with stress, embarrassment, changes in temperature (hot or cold), wind, exercise, sunlight, and certain food or drink triggers such as wine or spicy food. When your skin flushes, it causes a vicious cycle of inflammation that creates more redness and acne-like papules. It can even coarsen your skin and make your pores more noticeable."

Mix one cup of full-fat cottage cheese with a quarter-cup of minced pineapple and apply it like a mask for 10 minutes a day, twice a week for one month. The milk fat in the cottage cheese will moisturize and heal your skin. Use cool washcloth soaked in green tea over the mask to soothe your skin. Also drape a green-tea soaked cloth over your eyes for a relaxing 10-minute rest.

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