Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY Project 2: Indian Garment

Our daughter JaLynn received a beautiful indian garment from the wedding we attended this past Nov. With colors of red and gold it complimented the bridesmaid dresses perfectly. It wasn't soon after the wedding she could no longer fit in the top.

Too pretty to go to waste..

Yesterday, I took a couple hours to sew up the ends and fill the neck hole with the sleeves I cut into two halves. With a little stuffing, hand stitching, and a sewing machine; I now have a beautiful decorative pillow.


  1. very pretty!!! maybe you can teach me how to sew?!

  2. Thanks Jin! Whenever you want I can show you :)

  3. aww love!! glad you have another little memory from our wedding! Can't believe she has out grown it!

  4. I plan to let her get all the wear she can out of the skirt this summer ;) Once she out grows it I will have a matching pillow!