Monday, December 19, 2011

New House + New Memories

When we first moved into our house I was so ambitious to make our house into a home.  I was moving things around left and right like a mad woman.  Yet, some how no matter what I moved I wasn't pleased with the arrangement.  It wasn't until now when things started to fall into place.  Sometimes the best thing is to live in it for a while, develop your routine and then decide the placement of things.  Now my cute little bungalow is coming along perfectly like it should be. Like most things, everything takes time.

I have some before and after pictures to share.  I have many plans for this house in the near future because my creative wheels are always spinning. I've even drawn up floor plans and outdoor visuals!


When we first moved in there was hardly any grass and all rocks from large to small.  I like to call this  project, "Project Grass".  It took us 3 weeks to remove all the rocks.  YES, three weeks!!  We also moved the large boulders to the front of our walkway.  Next spring I look forward to planting a multitude of flowers :)


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