Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beauty Asylum Hair + Makeup in Greenville, SC

This wedding event consisted of 10 bridesmaids and a dashing bride-  One large caddy of makeup, 2 brush sets; in a suite at the top floor.  Everyone had premeditated false eye lashes that followed with a clean crisp look!  This particular day Everything seemed to be rolling on track when, AHHH!! I had difficulty with the corner of ONE eye lash (every artists nightmare) and who would it be... other than the Bride herself!  Keeping calm combined with fierce determination and a steady hand the lash was applied 20 minutes later.  It even happens to even the best of us.  

Over all, the bride was the essence of beautiful.  I am grateful to play any part of her special day.  -XO

Gorgeous, right?

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